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There is a suspicion that degrees in dissertation assistance are needed not so much by scientists, as by officials. This is a detail of a single table of ranks, a pass to the special distributor (remember from Galich: “He was completely unbridled, a scoundrel, he got out of hand … And the colonel is followed by three candidates of sciences; candidates, of course, survive, because they are younger in rank ”).

 And the doctor of science is already the same as a colonel, at the sight of both of them, the other militia officer must jump up and salute. There is a funny story about nuclear scientist Yuli Khariton, I don’t remember now the source. During the census, he was asked a standard question about the military rank, Khariton replied that he was assigned a rank between cases, and promised to clarify it in the military office. There, a dry old man was met by an inhospitable captain, ordered to wait, then rummaged in the archive – and the whole changed: “Yu-Yuliy B-Borisovich, you are a general.”

So the doctor – it sounds proud. But it does not oblige to stretch into a profit: by itself, it does not single out a degree from a number of less talented colleagues, but simply emphasizes that a person is ready to move along the social ladder and work in the domestic system.

The paradox is that officially becoming a Doctor of Science means for a long time to stop doing this science itself. Cross out of life a year or two of productive time. Collapse all other cases in order to present the results in a pleasant HAC format – in the form of a plump intertwined volume. Collect a dozen reviews on yourself. Send out – in paper form, so accepted – abstracts. Submit documents to the HAC. Organize the pre-defense. Prepare a banquet. Personally take a copy of the work to the Russian State Library. The question is, is the game worth the candle when you need to supervise students and graduate students, write articles and go to conferences dissertation assistance?